A Perfect Day Goose for @Cosmopolitan 
Panda Adult TLC
Panda Cub TLC
Mesh Bamboo TLC

Autumn Dinner ~Your Dreams~ for @Tres Chic 
Otterbury Tree Platform Raindale for @Decor Circle

Kendra Dress Sweet Lies for @Genre
Gabi Pose BellePoses for @4Mesh
BabyDoll Hair {Imeka} for @The Kawaii Project

Garden Shed Blue Goose / MP
Graden Shed Red Goose / MP
Garden Shed White Goose / MP
 *Mallard Family* Duckling TLC
*Mallard Family* Famele TLC
*Mallard Family* Male TLC

*Janire Vintage* Coat Rack Serenity Style for @PocketGacha
*Janire Vintage* Armchair Serenity Style for @PocketGacha
*Janire Vintage* Wall Telephone  Serenity Style for @PocketGacha / Rare
*Janire Vintage* Sideboard Serenity Style for @PocketGacha
*Janire Vintage* Radio Serenity Style for @PocketGacha
*Janire Vintage* Boxes Serenity Style for @PocketGacha

XOXO Hair [Mello] for @Hairology
Lana Shirt Black Una for @TLC
Lana Skirt Orange Una for @TLC
.Quirky. - Lexxi Collar Sad Quirky for @Somber
Sophi 2 Pose ::TKW::

Deco Board Pumpkin Dreamscapes
Haunted House B Dreamscapes
Deco Board Pumpkins Dreamscapes
Pumpkins with Cat Dreamscapes
Aphrodite Zombie Head Aphrodite Shop

Neko-Maid Hair  [^.^Ayashi^.^] for @Imaginarium
Febe Top Cherry C'est la vie!
NS::  Cosy Flare Jeans NS:: / MP
Neko-Maid Glasses  [^.^Ayashi^.^] for @Imaginarium / Rare
*Om-Nom-nom* Pumpkin Yokai for @Imaginarium / Rare
Poetry Bicycle - Pose  Fashiowl Pose for @TLC

Pumpkin Board Dreamscapes
Spooky Kitty A1 Dreamscapes
Cleo Pumpkin B Dreamscapes
Cleo Pumpkin C Dreamscapes
Cleo Pumpkin J Dreamscapes
Cleo Pumpkin K Dreamscapes
Cleo Pumpkin Duo C Dreamscapes
Cleo Pumpkin Duo D Dreamscapes

Bookworm Pose (bento) Sari-Sari for @TLC
Stacked Books (rez) Sari-Sari for @TLC
Southern Nights Peaches for @Deco(c)rate
(This item features lightning bugs that randomly light up!)

Yuzu Hair [^.^Ayashi^.^] / Group Gift Vip
Babygirl Dress 23 PROMAGIC for @TLC
Elke Sneakers Confetti Ingenue for @Colllabor88
Paper Airplanes Pose Fashiowl Pose for @TLC

*Norah Imagination* Little Library Serenity Style for @TLC / Rare
*Norah Imagination* Chair Serenity Style for @TLC
*Norah Imagination* Best Sellers Serenity Style for @TLC
*Norah Imagination* The Travel Serenity Style for @TLC

Ginger Cat TLC
*Working Space*
Serenity Style
Desk, PC All in One, Keyboard, Mouse,Shelf, 
Chair, Picture Frame 1,2 and 3
(20% discount for group members)

Late Night Special Hair [Mello] for @The Imaginarium / Rare
Mardani Jumper PROMAGIC for @The Chapter Four
Swing Freya Pose
BellePoses for @The Fantasy Collective

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