Los Roques Chair Armonia Decor for @Galleria Event
Los Roques Table Armonia Decor for @Galleria Event
*Cake's Festival* Rainbow Cake ~Your Dreams~ for @The Gacha Garden / Rare

Roz Hood Sorbet. for @Remnant
Chic Sunglasses NS:: for @Hashtag Fashion Events
Paper Coffee
Fashiowl Pose

*Tokyo Gacha* Counter BJK for @6°Republic
*Tokyo Gacha* Cushions Table Shell BJK for @6°Republic
*Tokyo Gacha* Interior Phone Booth BJK for @6°Republic
*Tokyo Gacha* Drinks Vending Machine BJK for @6°Republic
*Tokyo Gacha* Lamp BJK for @6°Republic
*Tokyo Gacha* Burguer 1 BJK for @6°Republic
*Tokyo Gacha* Burguer 2 BJK for @6°Republic
*Tokyo Gacha* Box of Cakes BJK for @6°Republic
*Tokyo Gacha* Tray 1 BJK for @6°Republic
*Tokyo Gacha* Scooter White BJK for @6°Republic
Juice Menu CMYK
Syrup CMYK
Fruit CMYK
Kakigori Menu CMYK
Kakigori Machine

She's Like the Wind Fashiowl Pose for @The Boho Culture

Jari Ring 3L Gold PROMAGIC for @Sad November
Jari Ring 4L Gold PROMAGIC for @Sad November
Jari Ring 5L Gold PROMAGIC for @Sad November
Jari Ring 1R Gold PROMAGIC for @Sad November
Jari Ring 2R Gold PROMAGIC for @Sad November
Jari Ring Cat  PROMAGIC for @Sad November / Rare
Jari Ring Reindeer  PROMAGIC for @Sad November / Rare

Vintage Phone Seat  .Peaches. for @Rewind

Arbor Gate Shutter Fields for @On9
Rustic Bench with Cushions Shutter Fields for @On9
Thoughtful Deco Aphrodite Shop for @Enchantment
Once Unpon a Time Buffet Aphrodite Shop for @Enchantment

Gulabo Skirt PROMAGIC for @The Liaison Collaborative
Gulabo Top PROMAGIC for @The Liaison Collaborative
Connected Pose Fashiowl Pose for @The Coven

Fireplace Chaud CHEZ MOI for @Ultra Event
Firewood Holder CHEZ MOI for @Ultra Event
Armchair&Footstool Chaud CHEZ MOI for @Ultra Event
Metallic Pumpkin Decor CHEZ MOI for @Ultra Event
Table Chaud CHEZ MOI for @Ultra Event

Estante Coro Armonia Decor for @The Point
*Sensual Sweethearts Bath* Bathtub Poses w/ Water .Peaches. for @Deco(c)rate.
*Sensual Sweethearts Bath* Candles .Peaches. for @Deco(c)rate.
*Sensual Sweethearts Bath* Empty Bath Tray .Peaches. for @Deco(c)rate.
Lauriston Floor Lamp Raindale for @The Liaison Collaborative

Autumnley Ground Pillows Raindale for @Cosmopolitan
Autumnley Lantern Raindale for @Cosmopolitan
Autumnley Barrel Table Raindale for @Cosmopolitan
Autumnley Blanket Raindale for @Cosmopolitan
Autumnley Tree Raindale for @Cosmopolitan
Autumnley Candles Raindale for @Cosmopolitan
Autumnley Pillow with Book Raindale for @Cosmopolitan
Autumnley Cocoa Tray Raindale for @Cosmopolitan

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